The Cowboy Bunkhouse - Maybell, Colorado
Accommodations and Rates

One of 5 rooms available. Two rooms have double bed on bottom level of bunk.
One of 5 Bunkhouse Rooms

Five modern rooms are available to guests who also have access to a common kitchen, social and dining areas. Four of the guest rooms accommodate 2 persons each while the 5th room accommodates 4 people.

The room rate, based on double occupancy, for each of the four guest rooms which accommodate 2 persons is $60. The single rate for each of those four rooms is $40.

The rate for the room which accommodates 4 guests is $100, which averages to $25 per person when the room is full. The single rate for this room is $40 per day with an $20 charge for each additional person.

The charge for occupying the entire bunkhouse per day, based on the maximum number of 12 guests, is $340.


The Cowboy Bunkhouse
Maybell, Colorado
Phone: 970-272-3201

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