What are they for?

When visitors search for a BnB, several listings usually come up that match the search criteria. In these cases, the question is, "which BnB gets listed first?" In our old directory, BnBs were simply listed alphabetically, but the result was that BnBs with names beginning near the front of the alphabet got a more prominent spot in the search results, and there was no way for other BnBs to improve their position. The answer to this problem is the BnB Bonus Point System, available to our Preferred and Summary subscribers. It's simple: Inns with more BnB Bonus Points show up in our search engine ahead of inns with fewer BnB Bonus Points. The exception to this is that Preferred Listings ALWAYS show up ahead of Summary listings, regardless of how many points a Summary listing might have.

In addition to placement in the search results, your BnB Bonus Points affect the frequency with which you appear in the Featured BnB Gallery (an optional feature. Click here to learn more!). The Gallery is set up to run in a "cycle" with each Featured BnB getting a certain number of appearances during each cycle. Your number of appearances per cycle is your total BnB Bonus Points divided by 95. So, if you want to appear twice per cycle, you would need to have at least 190 BnB Bonus Points. Want to appear three times? You'll need 285 BnB Bonus Points. A small investment in this area can yield BIG returns!

How many points do I need to place well in the search engine?

Because most searches focus on a specific community, what you want to know is, "How well do I stack up with other BnBs in my area?" Well, we've taken the guesswork out of it for you! When you log into your Innkeeper Control Panel, the highest score in your community is shown after your score so that you know how you compare. Use this number to determine whether or not you want to earn or purchase additional BnB Bonus Points.

How do I earn or purchase more points?

There are lots of ways to get more BnB Bonus points. Choose whatever methods you wish, and watch as you begin to appear more prominently in search results.

When you join, you are automatically awarded the following points based on your membership level:
Preferred Listing 75
Summary Listing 50

In addition, you can earn points in these ways:
Have us design or redesign your web site. Go this route and experience greater visibility while enjoying the best web site anywhere! 50
Refer a BnB to join at the Preferred Level 30
Become a "Featured BnB," and your BnB's photo and link will be seen on the front page of the directory! (Details...) 20
Renew your listing annually (per year) 20
Put a link on your web site to Colorado-bnb.com 15
Additional points may be purchased a la carte .50 each

Additional points can be claimed/purchased from the Innkeeper Control Panel, accessible after you have created your Preferred or Summary Listing.