BnB Bonus Points

How to list your inn

A listing on our Inns for Sale page is $45 for 6 months. It includes your inn's name, photo, web address, summary description, contact information and all of your available amenities. If you have a web site advertising your inn, you can point your link to that page, or we can create one for a nominal fee.

To add your For Sale listing, follow these directions:
  1. Go to, click "Join Now" and then click on "Sign Up Preferred"

  2. The next page will ask you if your inn has already been added to the directory. Click, "No, my BnB is NOT in the list" (even if it is) because we'll be creating a new version of your listing for the For Sale page

  3. Here is the most important step in creating a For Sale listing:
    When you create your BnB ID (i.e., username), its first six characters must be: fsale_
    So, a sample BnB ID for the Mountain Inn could be fsale_mtninn
    If you do not include fsale_ as the first six characters of your BnB ID, the program will not recognize your inn as being For Sale, and the listing will end up in the main directory rather than the For Sale page.

  4. After ensuring that your BnB ID is properly formatted, fill out the rest of the form. We encourage you to include details about the business aspects of the inn as part of your 500-character summary. Also, the web site link you enter should go to a page that provides more specific information concerning the sale of the inn (often provided by your realty company). As mentioned above, if you need a web page listing your sale specifics, let us know and we can create one for you.

  5. Once the listing is completed, you'll be able to pay online or you can mail a check.
Using your new BnB ID and password, you'll be able to update your For Sale listing as often as you wish. If you also have a listing in the main directory, note that updates to the For Sale listing will not affect your regular listing and vice versa. The listings are completely separate. Also note that BnB Bonus points do not apply to For Sale Listings. If you need any further assistance or simply have a questions, please contact us.