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This is the website where you can play with our "Room Check" software, acting as either a guest or an innkeeper! By experimenting with the software, you will see how easy it is to use and how beneficial it can be in generating calls by potential guests that visit your website. But first ...


What is "Room Check"?

"Room Check" is an internet-based software package that allows an innkeeper to post and update their room availability via a 365-day calendar. The calendar data is then made accessible to prospective guests via special information programmed into the innkeeper's website.

The room availability information is stored in a protected file on our server and requires a user name and password (known only to the innkeeper) in order to perform updates. Inquiries made by prospective guests are managed via background software executed on our server and can only be used to "view" the room availability information.


How Does It Work?

There are two parts to the "Room Check" software. One is for guests who visit your website and are interested in knowing if you have rooms available for their dates of travel. The other is for you, the innkeeper, to use to keep your room availability calendar up-to-date.

Show Me What a Potential GUEST Would See!

With our demo system, you can actually play like you are a guest looking for room availability information. To do so, select the "GUEST" button shown below. You will then be taken to our hypothetical B&B website - The Victorian B&B. Once there, you will see a "Reservations" section similar to the one displayed on your web page. At the end of the reservation information text will be a graphical button that looks like this ...

Click the "room check" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now ... if you're ready to play the role of a GUEST, go ahead and click the "guest" button. To return to this page, use your browser's "back" button.


Show Me What An INNKEEPER Would See!

With our demo system, you can actually play the role of an innkeeper without implementing the software on your website. To do so, begin by selecting the "INNKEEPER" button shown below. Since you are, potentially, going to update your calendar of information, you will be prompted for your personal "user name" and "password". On our demo system use the user name: guest and the password innkeeper. (See the following example graphic).



Upon entering the correct user name and password, you will be presented with a web page indicating a successful "logon" to the "Room Check" system established for our mythical The Victorian B&B. Simply follow the on-screen instructions on that web page and you'll be ready to inquire or update your room availability information.

Now ... if you're ready to play the role of a INNKEEPER, go ahead and click the "innkeeper" button. To return to this page, use your browser's "back" button.


Adding Room Check to your site

We invite you to play with the "Room Check" software as much and as often as you like! When you're ready to add the software to your site, simply send us an or give us a call at (303) 652-3670 or (303) 924-3113. We'll then activate your private copy of "Room Check" and issue your personal user name and password. Then you can immediately begin providing valuable information to your web page guests.

Once we've activated your calendar, you will need to "logon" to "Room Check" and update each calendar month's room availability information based on your own records. Unless you tell us otherwise, your calendar data will be initialized with availability for all 365 days of the year.



The Cost and Our Satisfaction Guarantee

"Room Check" is available from Colorado Bed and Breakfast - "On the Web" for an annual fee of $39.95. Along with our software and service, you get our unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with "Room Check", just let us know and we'll remove if from your site and gladly refund your money. You can't lose!


Try "Room Check" Today!



Frequently Asked Questions

We will populate this section with answers to frequent questions we receive or with tips on how to use our demo package. So, if you have a question/answer you'd like to see posted in this section, just send us an . And, thanks for trying our demo software!

  • Can a potential guest make a reservation from the "Room Check" software?

    NO. At this time, "Room Check" is limited to providing room availability information only. If enough B&B's using the software express an interest in on-line reservations, we will add that feature. We have access to a "secured" server, so we will be able to accept credit card information safely.

  • Can anyone else update my calendar?

    Not unless you give them your personal user name and password. The data for a given B&B is kept separate from all other B&B's, and is stored in a protected directory accessible only via user name and password.

  • How much information is given to a guest inquiring about my room availability?

    We display target arrival date, checkout date, and number of nights lodging requested along with the availability status of each requested date (maximum 14 days).

  • Since you only use a 12 month calendar, how do you cover the year 2000 when today's date is 1999?

    We assume the calendar to function in a "forward" direction. This means that all months remaining in 1999 will display as 1999, and all past months in 1999 will automatically role over to 2000. Example: If today's date were in the month of May 1999, then May - December would display as 1999 but January - April would role to the next year -- 2000.

  • What should I do with my calendar when I cross into a new month?

    You should "clear" all entries in the previous month as it has automatically rolled to the next year (i.e. 2000).

  • Does the software handle the Year 2000?

    YES. All months displayed for 1999 and 2000 should reflect their correct dates respectively. As an example, if today's date is in the month of May 1999, by selecting April, you should see the month of April 2000 not April 1999. Remember, all months go in a "forward" direction to "today's" date!

  • How long will it take to install "Room Check" on my site?

    Excluding weekends or holiday periods, we can generally have "Room Check" fully functional for your website within one business day.

  • Once "Room Check" has been installed, how long will it take me to update my entire calendar?

    Assuming that all of your booking information is readily available, you should be able to easily update all 12 months of your calendar within 10-15 minutes.


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