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Questions for placement

  1. If you improvise, in what style are you most comfortable?

  2. Do you know key signatures and scales?

  3. Describe your knowledge of chords.

  4. Learning Tracks
    (Please select 3 in order of preference.)

    ?? An introduction to Jazz-based improvisation (open for all instruments)
    ?? Refining Jazz Improvisation Strategies
    ?? Developing Skills as a Rhythm Section Player

    ?? Making music in the bluegrass tradition
    ?? Constructing solos: developing your musical ideas

    ?? Free improvisation: Creating new soundscapes with unconventional instrument combinations
    ?? Improvisation in a chamber ensemble: exploring roles, textures, points of departure
    ?? Modes as a basis for improvisation
    ?? Introduction to Keyboard Improvisation

    ?? Teaching Improvisation to Children
    ?? Improvisation in the context of worship music
    ?? Improvisation Readiness: losing your fear--group experience to guide you into the joys of spontaneous music making.
    ?? Developing the ear for improvisation: connecting ear & instrument
    ?? Developing time-keeping skills in a rhythm ensemble (open to all instruments)

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Return this application to
iii, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL 60187-5593 with
  1. Personal reference from a current or former teacher, clergy, or youth leader.
  2. Required guidance counselor letter or transcript as specified in application
  3. Recording representing performance and/or improvisation skill level (for placement and ensemble grouping). Beginning improvisers are welcome!
  4. Signed "Statement of Conduct" form. (Required of all students.) ?? Click here to download form
  5. $100 Application fee (checks payable to Wheaton College).